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Based in Townsville, Queensland | RPEQ Qualifications | Mechanical engineering for Fabrication, Sugar Milling, Mining, and Heavy Industry.

ADM delivers innovative mechanical engineering solutions of the highest standard.

As a qualified team, we customise our services to meet your mechanical engineering needs. Our experience ensures that the solutions we deliver meet both Australian standards and your business requirements. We pride ourselves in working with our clients towards outcomes that are cost-efficient, pragmatic, timely, and sustainable.

Our mechanical engineering


Mechanical inspection and certification provided by ADM

Inspection & certification

Inspection, analysis, re-rating, certification, and third-party recertification.

We specialise in engineering for a variety of mechanical equipment and structures, ranging from tanks and vessels to overhead cranes, support structures, and piping.

Mechanical engineering design and drafting provided by ADM

Design & drafting

Design, verification, and drafting for fabrication, maintenance, or modification.

We deliver practical and clear designs for multidisciplinary projects. Our design and drafting services are founded on rigorous investigation and analysis.

Mechanical engineering client support provided by ADM

Client support

Respectful client and
on-site support.

Our commitment to personalised and long-term client partnerships involves dedicated support from our engineering team for the duration of every project, including post-project support when necessary.

Mechanical engineering solutions for fabrication, drafting, and engineering projects

Our engineering


The ADM team is focused on finding the best solutions for a range of fabrication, drafting, and engineering projects. Whether you need an efficient response on compliance, a value-driven analysis, or a design to extend the life of plant equipment, we can assist.

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ADM mechanical engineering business based in Townsville

What we’re


ADM is an agile mechanical engineering business based in Townsville. We are a tight-knit team of professionals with access to invaluable knowledge, expertise, and direction from Principal Engineer Alf Masatto. To achieve high-quality results that meet industry standards and client expectations, we use a range of design software including Inventor, Nastran, Microstran, RAM Connection and AutoPipe.

Our mechanical engineering skill set includes:

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ADM's mechanical engineering services including finite element analysis (FEA)

FEA (finite element analysis)

Including stress, buckling, thermal, and dynamic analysis

ADM's mechanical engineering inspection services

Engineering inspections

API 653 and API 510 certified inspectors with 3D scanning and NDT thickness testing capabilities

ADM's mechanical engingeering assessment and standards checks

Assessment & standards check

Remnant life assessments, root cause analysis, life extensions, fitness for service, modification, load rating, and risk assessments

Mechanical engineering project management service provided by ADM

Project management

On-site inspection activities, design and installation projects, and scope development and writing

We are recognised as design, inspection, and certification specialists across various key engineering codes and standards.

Our mechanical engineering services cover:

Mechanical engineering services for lift equipment

Lift equipment

Crane DWP assessments, overhead cranes, monorails, lifting and spreader beams, suspended work boxes, fall restraints systems, safety lines, davit arms, and hoists

Mechanical engineering services for plant and heavy equipment

Plant & heavy equipment

Jigs, motors, drive assemblies, storage facilities, and other small and large fixed plant assets

Tank representing the range of tanks and storage that ADM Engineering specialises in

Tanks & storage

Hoppers, silos, storage bins, evaporators, pans, rain tray condensers, scrubbers, and other tank vessels

Mining converyor visualising one of many transfer equipment types that ADM engineering works with

Transfer equipment

Piping, bucket elevator, slat conveyor, and belt conveyor systems

Mechanical engineering services for pressure vessels

Pressure vessels

Design and inspection of vacuum and high-pressure vessels

Mechanical engineering services for a range of structures


Vessel supports, columns, portal frames, and platforms for mechanical and fixed plant assets

Mechanical engineering services for plant machinery

Plant machinery

Attachments, concept development, and condition assessments

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We customise our engineering solutions to complete unique projects

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Our mechanical engineering team

Principal mechanical engineering specialist, Alf Masatto

Alf Masatto

Principal Mechanical Engineer

MIEAust, CPEng (Mech), RPEQ, NER, APEC, IntPE(Aus), API653 Tank Inspector

As director of ADM, Alf offers over 29 years of industrial engineering and project management experience. Alf first gained expertise in the sugar industry, and later in the mining and refining industry, through a range of engineering, maintenance, production, and project management roles. After being involved in these industries for 18 years, Alf established ADM where he continues to grow his company and his reputation as a highly skilled and qualified professional.

Mechanical engineering specialist, Anthony Greinke

Anthony Greinke

Mechanical Engineer

BEng (Mech), API 510 Pressure
Vessel Inspector

With over 14 years’ experience, Anthony has worked professionally in multiple engineering roles. Anthony began his engineering career as a graduate at a heavy metals refinery, where he progressed to a senior reliability position. After nine years working on site, Anthony joined ADM as a consulting engineer and has since gained several years’ consulting experience with a diverse skill set. Anthony uses his consulting and site-based background to provide effective and practical solutions for any project.

Mechanical engineering specialist, Daniel Larsen

Daniel Larsen

Mechanical Engineer

BEng (Mech),
Qualified Plumber

Daniel has more than six years’ experience in consultant engineering and seven years’ experience in plumbing, totalling thirteen years in the building industry. Daniel’s skills include mechanical and structural conceptual design, high-end FEA, structural and plant inspection, and standards checks. A dual qualification allows Daniel his unique perspective of both the engineering and trade sector, resulting in him being an effective communicator and advisor for any client.

ADM mechanical engineering staff

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